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Out-of-home advertising is a natural part of the city landscape. As an advertiser you can maximise your visibility with powerful communication, with the opportunity to reach a large group of people. With today’s technology, you can combine classic with digital and interactive campaigns to reach your audiences creatively and with the best results. We exist where the purchasing power is the greatest. Make your selection geographically, demographically or based on behaviour.


Reach a large audience in the transit environment with frequency and impact. Reach more than one million travelers within the public transport segment every week in the county of Stockholm. With advertisement in subways, buses, commuter trains, boats and trams, you will find your consumers on their way between work, school, leisure and shopping. The modern surfaces of the new commuter train stations of Stockholm City and Odenplan also create new opportunities for even more efficient communication.


Point of sale drives sales. With advertising inside and outside huge grocery stores and malls, you reach consumers extremely close to the purchase. Since 7 out of 10 purchase decisions are made in the stores, you should make sure that the customer have your product at the top of their minds before they enter the stores.

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Billboard Metro Classic. Build strong brands with large formats. Billboard National Classic. Build strong brands at billboards next to the highways and in the metro. Billboard National Street Classic. Build strong brands along the roads. Adshel National Classic. Sweden’s strongest reach product. Adshel National Supermarket Classic. Reach consumers extremely close to purchase. Adshel Gambling Classic. Advertisement all over Sweden, perfect for gambling companies. Adshel Big City Classic. Sweden's strongest reach product. Adshel Stockholm Classic. Reach the Stockholmers in their everyday lives. Adshel Malmö Classic. Reach the people in Malmö in their everyday lives. Adshel Göteborg (Gothenburg) Classic. Talk to the inner-city crowd or reach out to the entire Gothenburg region. Escalator panel Classic. Panels placed by the escalators and stairs in metro stations. Wall panel+ Classic. The largest format inside buses, trams, underground trains and local trains. Wall panel Classic. Placed on the wall on metro train, commuter train and trams. Streamer panel Classic. An oblong format placed over the windows on Buses, Metro trains, Commuter trains and Trams. Window panel Classic. Two-sided panels visible on the outside and inside of windows at Buses, Metro trains, Commuter trains and Trams. Create Create. Only limited by the imagination. Create Ferry Domination Create. Foliering på utsidan och annonsering på insidan av kollektivtrafikens båtar. Create Station Domination 11 stations Create. Dominating stations by wrapping walls, doors and escalators. Create Train Domination Create. Foiled metro and local train - inside and outside. Play Adshel Supermarket Play. Inspiration that leads to purchase Play Adshel National Play. Digital screens with visibility all over Sweden. Play Adshel Big City Play. Digital advertising in the biggest cities in Sweden. Play Adshel Stockholm Play. Digital advertising on the best places in Stockholm. Play Adshel Transit Play. Digital advertising on the best places in the metro Play Adshel Street Play. Digital advertising on the most central streets in Sweden. Play Adshel Mall Play. Digital advertising in and close to shopping malls. Play Adshel Gambling Play. Digital advertising on the best locations in Sweden. Play Adshel Skåne Play. Digital advertising on the best locations in Skåne. Play Spectacular Play. Exclusive large format at the Central station, Odenplan, Medborgarplatsen and Avenyn. Play Billboard Play. Large digitial screens in Stockholm. Create Tram Domination Transit. Dominate the inside and the outside of a wrapped tram that runs in and around Stockholm.

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