Billboard Metro

With our largest classic formats in the most used metro stations, your brand has the opportunity reach widely out and create high impact.

Create strong brands.

Billboard is our very own unique and grand format that brings significant attention both along the roads and in the subway. The large format enables efficient brand building and is also suitable for creative solutions across several boards. Our Billboards are located both above ground and in the Stockholm subway. The ones in the subway in and around Stockholm are available as Billboard Metro.

More than a million people travel by subway at least once a week, which corresponds to over half of all Stockholmers aged 16-80. If you want to reach Stockholmers in their everyday life through broad coverage, and achieve a lot of attention, you should be visible on Billboard Metro.

Our Billboards are mounted in groups next to each other, which makes it possible to work with creative solutions where the motif goes over several boards.

We offer different packages:

  • Billboard Metro Group of 2.
  • Billboard Metro City Group of 2.
  • Billboard Metro Group of 5.
  • For more exact numbers, please see the current price list or contact your sales person.


    Billboard Metro Group of 2
    Format 4190×2938 mm.
    Visible area 4130×2903 mm.

    Billboard Group of 5
    Format 1585×3025 mm.
    Visible area 1505×2950 mm.

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