Play Adshel Stockholm

Digital outdoor advertising in Stockholm is a magnificent way to reach Stockholmers in the inner city. With Play Adshel Stockholm you can reach people with strong purchasing power, who are aware of trends, where they move the most, on central streets in the city as well as in the largest subway and commuter train stations and in around ten shopping centres. Your message reaches a large audience every week.

Play is a digital and exclusive format with the ability to easily change and adapt messages, customize content and make updates in real time with dynamic messages. The flexibility in digital out of home advertising gives your brand the opportunity to generate maximal impact. Digital outdoor advertising enables contextual and target group-adapted messages that can be controlled by real-time data or factors such as time, place and weather.

Play Adshel Stockholm
• About 580 signs at approximately 50 subway and commuter train stations, in approximately 15 shopping centers and on central streets in Stockholm’s city.
• Available as Large, Medium and Small.
• The adshels are free-standing, mounted on walls or form part of bus shelters.

For more exact numbers, please see the current price list or contact your sales person.

Available also as programmatic
Do you want to increase the flexibility and accuracy of your digital outdoor campaign? This is easily done trough buying programmatic. Read more here.

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 px.

Click here to see a map with an overview of all our digital screens in Sweden.


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