Play Spectacular

An exclusive format at the very best locations. Play Spectacular include 5 huge digital screens in Stockholm’s and Gothenburg’s street environment and in Stockholm’s metro and commuter train environment. The 30 sqm large portrait screens at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm and on Avenyn in Gothenburg can be seen from far away. Many people are passing by these locations every day which makes them two of the country’s best advertising spots. The central locations of the landscape format spectaculars at the entrances to Stockholm’s metro and commuter trains also capture a large audience.

Play is a digital and exclusive format with the ability to easily change and adapt messages, customize content and make updates in real time with dynamic messages. The huge Play Spectaculars in landscape and portrait format can be found at some of the most central hubs in Stockholm, and now also on Avenyn in Gothenburg.

Digital surfaces



655 000 contacts



Total price
Number of weeks
Name Play Spectacular
Surfaces 5
Total price 270 000,-
Number of weeks 1

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Play Spectacular

Exclusive large format at the Central station, Odenplan, Medborgarplatsen and Avenyn.

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