Headquarters Stockholm

Phone hours:
08.30-17.00 (closed 12.00-13.00)

Clear Channel Sverige AB 556426-2680

Visiting address:
Birger Jarlsgatan 43, 111 45 Stockholm
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Mailing address:

Box 827, 101 36 Stockholm

Local office Malmö

Clear Channel
Industrigatan 21
212 14 Malmö

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Clear Channel tekniska avd
Betongvägen 4a
142 50 Skogås

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Local office Gothenburg

Clear Channel
Östra Hamngatan 52
411 59 Göteborg

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Scandinavian Management Team


Sales - Group M, Omnicom

Sales - HowCom, IUM, Scream, Hear, Publicis Media, TBS Mediebyrå, Tre kronor Media & Reklam

Sales - Dentsu/Posterscope, Bizkit Havas, Ad-On, Mash, Bright Media

Local Sales

Press Contact


Bizkit Havas

Bright Media


Sales - Dentsu Aegis/Posterscope

Error report

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