As Sweden's largest outdoor media company we have a clear vision that guides us in our daily work and point us in the right direction to our mission: Creating the future of media. We know that the future of media needs to be as attractive to advertisers as it is kind to our planet, and we therefore work actively to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the city and to the people who live there.

Sustainable and environmental responsibility

We recognise that our activities have the potential for both positive and negative impacts upon the environment at local, national, and global levels. As a trusted media and infrastructure business partner to many towns, cities and advertisers who share our values, we acknowledge our responsibility for helping to protect the environment and minimise pollution wherever in the world we do business.

Our work is based on our Environmental Sustainability Policy, Code of Conduct, and within the organisation our roles and responsibilities are clear.

Our obligation

  • Since 2021 Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
  • Clear Channel are committed to be Carbon Net Zero by 2030 across Scope 1 and 2 emissions and by 2045 across Scope 3. We calculate our emissions according to the calculation guidance offered by Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Clear Channel are ISO 19001-certified since 2011.
  • Our management systems fulfil the requirements of ISO 14001.

Efforts to reduce our impact

Clear Channel works continuously to reduce all forms of environmental impact and resource consumption linked to our products and services. We have identified that the areas where we have the greatest environmental impact are our transports and consumption of electricity.

To reduce the impact, we have ensured that all our own electricity agreements relate to green electricity, and we have introduced an environmentally friendly travel and car policy. We have also clarified our environmental requirements in all new supplier agreements.

We strive to ensure that all our partners electricity agreements refer to green electricity and that our suppliers in all geographical areas, where it is practical possible, use environmentally company vehicles.

Other sustainability initiatives to reduce our impact:

  • All electricity we buy is 100% renewable.
  • Materials that can be repaired, reused, or recycled take precedence over materials that must be disposed of.
  • We minimize the environmental impact through preventive measures to counteract pollution.
  • We wash all our inventory with ultra-pure water.
  • The paper for our advertising is Nordic Ecolabelled and are produced at Grycksbo, a paper mill that has zero emissions of fossil greenhouse gases from its production.
  • We recycle all our posters at special recycling stations. All contractors are being mapped and followed up.
  • We define and continuously follow up on our environmental goals.
  • We inform all our employees about Clear Channels environmental work.
  • We fulfil by a good margin applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  • We carry out internal and external audits every year on our quality and environmental work.
  • We follow up quality and environmental work with our contractors.

Picture: Steven Kamenar

With widespread exposure comes great opportunities. And responsibilities.

We are proud to be able to offer Scandinavia’s largest platform for brands that want to reach out and engage people in places where they live, travel and move on a daily basis. But we are not content with that. With great opportunities to reach out, we also have a great responsibility to make a difference and we therefore have a clear vision that our presence in the city shall contribute to livelier, more enjoyable and sustainable cities and airports.

We continuously invest in infrastructure and projects to find new and interesting ways to continue to make outdoor advertising a platform that does good.

Over the past decade, Clear Channel has built and maintained thousands of shelters protecting people from bad weather while wating for public transport. 150 of them have a plant-topped living roof which contributes to cleaning the air.

The revenue that our ads bring also contributes to the improvement of public transport and discounted fees. In Stockholm, that sum corresponds to no less than SEK 50/monthly fee.

Out of home enables the loan bicycle system in several cities

Clear Channel was the first in the world to launch a rental bike system, something that has become a popular travel option in many municipalities with an increasing number of tours and subscribers. In addition to the city making available sustainable means of transport that promote health and the environment, the opportunity also contributes to a more cycle-friendly and modern city center for residents and visitors. This is thanks to advertising revenue which finances everything from purchase, expansion, operation and maintenance.

Today we offer a bicykle system in Malmö in Sweden, as well as in two cities in Norway. From 2024 we will offer this in an additional Norwegian city.


150 plant-topped living roof bus shelters in Sweden

In 2018, Clear Channel began the construction of the new modern weather protection with an environmentally friendly living roof. Today we find 150 living roofs around Sweden. The sedum plants are useful at efficiently storing water, which makes them well adapted to cope with a “life on the roof”. It also means that water runoff from the roof is reduced.

In comparison to a black roof that absorbs heat, the green roof helps to create both a zone with better air purification and a green oasis that lowers the temperature.


Clear Channel helps patrons support local small business owners through an outdoor guide

During the pandemic, small businesses have been deeply afflicted by fewer customers and reduced sales – something that has created a great deal of commitment among regular customers who want to contribute. To offer a larger platform for regular customers to reach out during the pandemic, Clear Channel initiated an outdoor guide entirely based on customer recommendations in some of Scandinavia’s largest cities and districts.


Platform for Good

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial issues for livelier, more enjoyable and sustainable cities and airports. We choose to enter into partnerships and initiatives where we can contribute to people feeling safe, involved and included in the society and allow socially important messages to be prominently displayed on our platform.​​

You find a brief presentation of some of our partnerships here.