Adshel National Supermarket

Reach the customers in the best places close to the purchase decision. With Adshel National Supermarket, you have the opportunity to reach a turnover of over 135 billion per week in over 1,150 grocery stores in 190 municipalities, which corresponds to 54% of the total turnover.  The adshels are located in direct connection to the store’s entrances as well as in parking lots, streets and squares nearby, and make it possible to influence the consumer already on the way into the store. 7 out of 10 purchase decisions are made in stores and up to 90% of brand decisions are made by the store shelfs.

Adshel is a advertising sign in the Eurosize format (1185×1750 mm) and the Center board format (1185×1750 mm). The adshels are strategically located by grocery stores such as COOP, ICA, Bergendahls, Netto, Hemköp, Willys and Lidl. Most of the adshels are backlit.

Approximately number of stores: 1 150 (L) 700 (M)

Approximately number of municipalities: 190 (L) 165 (M)


Adshel National Supermarket L Source





Adshel National Supermarket M Source


1 125



Assembly cost
Media cost
Total price
Number of weeks
Name Adshel National Supermarket L
Surfaces 1 450
Assembly cost 102 000,-
Media cost 1 825 000,-
Total price 1 959 000,-
Number of weeks 1
Name Adshel National Supermarket M
Surfaces 1 125
Assembly cost 79 000,-
Media cost 1 310 000,-
Total price 1 418 000,-
Number of weeks 1


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