Adshel National Supermarket

Suggestions and inspiration for purchase.

Figuring out what to buy for dinner is not always so easy. In fact, as many as 7 out of 10 purchasing decisions are made directly in the store, and up to 90% of brand decisions are made by the store shelf. On our adshels inside and outside the grocery store, you can inspire and give tips, so that the customer has both your brand and your news top of mind when the purchases are to be done.

Reach consumers extremely close to purchase.

With Adshel National Supermarket, you have the opportunity to reach a turnover of more than 135 billion per week in over 1,150 grocery stores in about 190 municipalities, which corresponds to 54% of the total turnover. The adshels are located in direct connection to the store entrances as well as in parking lots, streets and squares nearby, which make it possible to influence the consumer already on the way into the store.

  • The adshels are strategically located by grocery stores such as COOP, ICA, Bergendahls, Netto, Hemköp, Willys and Lidl. Most of the adshels are backlit.
  • Approximately number of adshels: More than 1 150 (L) / 700 (M)
  • Approximately number of municipalities: about 190 (L) / more than 160 (M)
  •  Approximate distribution amongst the store chains:
    – ICA 44%
    – Axfood 27%
    – Coop 18%
    – Bergendahls 6%
    – Övrigt 5%

For more exact numbers, please see the current price list or contact your sales person.

Format 1185 x 1750 mm.
Visible area 1160 x 1720 mm.
Center Board
Format 1020 x 1520 mm.
Visible area 990 x 1490 mm

Adshel POS


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