Create Train Domination

Create high impact by dominating the inside and outside of a train over a long period of time. Exclusive and dominating formats that attracts attention throughout Stockholm. One car of a train provides 330 square meters of creative space to communicate on.



Create Train Domination is an exclusive format that totally dominates in Stockholm. Let your brand capture the attention of the target groups with an entire subway or local train that moves through Stockholm for large parts of the day. With Create Train Domination you reach the audience when the attention is high and the exposure time is long.

Let your brand capture the attention of target audiences with Crate Train Domination on one or more subway cars. Choose between two different types of foiling:

  • Entire car, in- and outside
  • Entire car, inside

When buying Create Train Domination printing through Clear Channel is mandatory.

The assembly cost is included in the production cost.


Do you want to have a talk about how you can reach and activace your audience? Feel free to contact Maria Borelius and her team.

Maria Borelius

Head of Create & Engage

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