Stockholm Locals

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In March 2020 we launched Stockholm Locals – an initiative to support local businesses that were hit hard by the corona crisis. In attempt to support and encourage people’s willingness to help local businesses we wanted to give them a powerful platform to reach out on. This is how Stockholm Locals became a local guide presenting the city’s best gems, promoted by the locals themselves.

Using two different layouts for the campaign, we encouraged people to send a text message to us with their favorite places in Stockholm as one part of the campaign. On the other part, we showed the received tips on the screens around town. Making this dynamic, we divided the city into different areas, only showing the relevant tips based on their location.

To extend this initiative, this summer, all the favorites we received are being shared once again on our digital screens in Stockholm City. This way we hope everyone can (responsibly) experience the best summer spots while experiencing the city.

These favorites can be seen on our screens around town, and at @thestockholmlocals.


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