Create Commuter Train Domination


Please note: The printing must be produced through Clear Channel.


Approval by SL
• All creative campaigns in SL’s environment require approval by SL.
• Sketches of the campaign must be sent according to the specified deadline to the responsible project manager at Clear Channel.
• The sketches must not deviate from the original itself.
• In case of any remarks, sketches must be adjusted and resubmitted for approval.
• When SL has approved, Clear Channel will inform the agency/client.
• Once the sketches have been approved by SL, no changes or amendments can be made.

Specification print file
• Windows and drivers cabs (front and rear of rail vehicle) cannot be wrapped.
• The doors must be a contrasting color to the rest of the vehicle (the color must differ 0,4 units on the NCS scale). Wraps on doors can not contain any text or symbols.
• ICC Profile CMYK: Fogra 39 or Pantone Solid Coated.
• Recommended resolution: at least 50 dpi in scale 1–1.
• Vectorize the fonts and logos.
• Imbedded pictures.
• Doors in separate layer.
• 50 mm bleed above and under vehicle (scale 1:1) outside of template.
• Save as high-res sketch.

Material deadline

Deadline sketch:
At least 5 weeks before start of the campaign.

Deadline print ready file.
15 working days before start of the campaign.

Delivery notes

InDesign-file shall be sent together with sketch, keep the template and components in separate layer (packed file with font and links included).

Upload print-ready files at:

1. To: Choose “Create” in drop-down list.
2. From: Add your email address.
3. Subject: Note advertiser, campaign name, campaign period, station and order number.
4. Format: “Create”.
5. Message: Add relevant information regarding campaign/print files.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//