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Landscape, 1920×1080

Ad length

10 seconds.


Linjärt material

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • File format: .mov or mp4.
  • Codec: h.264.
  • Bitrate: Max 20 000 kb/s.
  • Framerate: 25 fps.

Dynamiskt material (datadrivet innehåll)


Vill ni leverera HTML/HTML5 material kontakta gärna ansvarig säljare för en fullständig teknisk specifikation.

  • Browser: Chromium 59 or later. The campaign should be produced within the limits of functionality of the correct Chromium version. The connection is via 4G. In order to make sure that the connection is enough (e.g for streaming) we always need to try the material on selected places where the campaign will run.
  • Resolution: 1920×1080, 1260×720, 1024×576, 640×352, 568×320, 568x320px and 1440×810. Please check the bought areas.
  • Delivery format: URL.

Material deadline

Linear material
At least 3 working days before the commencement of the campaign, the material must be submitted to us here in order that we can ensure a problem-free delivery.

Dynamic material
At least 10 working days before the commencement of the campaign, the URL must be delivered to playcontent@clearchannel.se for a function test and possible adjustments.

Delivery notes

Address: www.clearchannel.se/skicka-filer
1. Till/To: Choose ”Play” from the dropdown list.
2. Från/From: Enter your e-mail address.
3. Ämne/Subject: Enter advertiser, campaign name and week.
4. Meddelande/Message: Enter any other relevant information about the original/campaign (e.g. the distribution of the motifs)


Name of file:

Other notes

Viktiga leveransvillkor
Leverans senare än angivet datum, felaktigt levererat format eller produktion, kan innebära en extra kostnad och möjlig försening av kampanjstart. Vid avvikelser ska en skriftlig överenskommelse mellan beställaren och Clear Channel Sverige AB upprättas.

Important terms of delivery.
Deliveries after the stated date, incorrectly delivered formats or errors in production, may incur an extra cost and could delay the start of the campaign. For deviations from the terms, written agreement must be reached between the Client placing the order and Clear Channel Sverige AB.

Important information about advertising in public transport.
Due to safety regulations, it is forbidden to use the orange colour as a comprehensive background in ads that are visible in the metro or commuter train environment. Check purchased media space.

Contact us
If you have any questions, please call +46 8 522 400 00 or e-mail playcontent@clearchannel.se




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Call us

On 08 522 400 00. Or send an email to info@clearchannel.se