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The importance of mass communication.

In today's media landscape, the possibilities of communication to consumers are endless. Since studies show that consumers rarely take well-informed purchase decisions, mass communication becomes increasingly important. It is important for brands to reach out to many people independently of each other to make them consider your brand.


DOOH with high flexibility and maximum impact. We can offer the strongest digital network and the most spectacular formats that give high impact to a large audience. With our national network you have the opportunity to reach an audience of over 13 million each week. Play is a digital and exclusive format with the ability to customise the content and create real-time, dynamic messages. Read more


The right message in the right environment. We have the largest reach of adshels in Sweden, covering 160 municipalities. Here you reach 85% of Sweden’s population. With us, you can reach your customers faster and more efficiently than with any other media channel. Make your selection geographically, demographically or based on behaviour. Read more


Reach a large audience in the transit environment with frequency and impact. Reach 868 000 passengers within the public transport segment every week. With advertisement in subways, buses, commuter trains and trams, you will find your consumers on their way between work, school, leisure and shopping. The modern surfaces of the new commuter train stations of Stockholm City and Odenplan also create new opportunities for even more efficient communication. Read more


Build strong brands. With our largest format placed along well-trafficked roads and in the metro, you have the opportunity to be seen in 68 municipalities. Large advertising sites with large impact reach many people and are ideal for building brands and driving sales. Attract the attention of your customers with the most classic advertising sites in Sweden. Read more


Point of sale driver sales. With advertising inside and outside grocery stores, you reach consumers extremely close to the purchase. Since 7 out of 10 purchase decisions are made in the stores, you should make sure that the customer have your product at the top of their minds. Read more


We love creativity. Do the unexpected and be creative beyond the traditional boundaries. Innovative solutions create more attention for your brand, and special effects combined with classic outdoor advertising strengthen the message. For requests regarding Create (e.g. rebuilding adshels, installations in adshels, sampling or event campaigns, we usually have a lead time of 4 weeks. Talk to your sales representative for further information.   Read more