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We dare to say that no one has missed the news of the ongoing pandemic that is happening around the world at this very moment, and that is exactly how it is supposed to be. OOH plays an important role by being a trustworthy source when reaching out with important information.

Right now, more than ever, our signs play a big and important role in making sure that as many people as possible is getting the right information, out of  home. We strive to communicate precious messages that should not be missed. In all our Scandinavian countries we have clients and governments that use OOH, to inform the community what really prevails.

In Sweden Vårdguiden 1177 created this important campaign. Through a digital OOH,  they are spreading information regarding hand hygiene, to show how you wash your hands as effective as possible. The messages are available in different languages to make sure that everyone understand the information.

In Norway, Helsedirektoratet stood for the hand hygiene information and pushed on the importance of washing your hands thoroughly, to minimize the risk of infection.

In Denmark, Sundhedsstyrelsen shared some words of wisdom. Protect yourself, to protect others, protect the most vulnerable and that you as a person, can do much to avoid further spreading of the infection.

This goes to show that you really can use OOH to reach out with important messages that needs a trustworthy source. We are proud and fortunate to be able to spread important messages like these on our screens. 

It is also interesting to see how different brands are using our media with their corona-adjusted messages. Here are some example of how other brands are using OOH in these times.

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