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Clear Channel Belgium – Corona


Unlimited creative possibilities

We asked Aurélie de Montjoye (communication manager in Belgium) to tell us about her favorite OOH campaign – the Corona billboard that turned into an epic experience with palm trees, a DJ booth and hammocks.

At first glance, it’s just a regular billboard, but as part of the campaign the billboard was tilted 90 degrees, turning it into an unexpected but well-deserved break for the people of Brussels. Before the event, the “regular” billboard invited people to participate on a specific time and date, urging the people of Brussels to take a break. When it was time, the mechanized billboard tilted to a horizontal position, urging people to join and enjoy a few Coronas. Famous DJ Kid Noize played a set during the event.

“The whole action is a perfect combination of OOH strengths: location, context, impact and unlimited creative possibilities.”

Aurélie de Montjoye - Communication Manager, Clear Channel Belgium

The campaign was active 1st-14th of July 2019 and is the result of a collaboration between AB InBev, Posterscope, Vizeum, Serviceplan, Isobar, Urban Media and Clear Channel.

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