Billboard National



4202 x 2938 mm (bleed included)

Visible area

4130 x 2903 mm


  • There should not be any design labelling in the original. Therefore it is important that each design is named A, B, C, etc. in the file name for proper placement. One file per design. Assembly takes place from left to right.
  • The panels are printed in 3 parts. Please adapt the layout so that small text and important parts of images are not effected by the joints.
  • We recommend to place text and images 20 mm from the margins of the visible area.

    Distribution of Billboard National
    Please download the file containing an overview of the placements from the “Downloads” section at the bottom of this page. Complete the motif order in the downloaded file and kindly send the completed file along with the rest of the creative materials. For any inquiries, please contact us at print@clearchannel.se.

Material deadline

  • At least 17 days before the campaign commences, campaign set and posting instructions are to be sent by e-mail to Clear Channel: print@clearchannel.se
  • Originals are to be sent to Clear Channel at least 17 days before the campaign commences.

Originals must be delivered in full scale in line with the format above. Images should be at least 150 dpi. Use the colour profile Coated Fogra39 (default in Adobe CS). Format is always printed in CMYK, 4 colours.

Upload print-ready PDFs at www.clearchannel.se/skicka-filer
1. For: select “Printing – tryck” from the dropdown list.
2. From: Enter your e-mail address.
3. Subject: Enter advertiser, campaign name and week.
4. Message: Enter any other relevant information about the original/campaign (e.g. the distribution of the motifs)

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.se/skicka-filer/


Metro platform illustrations
The distance between each billboard in the subway varies from station to station. Please see the illustration for exact information on this, in order to be able to optimize the campaign accordingly.



Fig 1