Window panel



500×320 mm

Visible area

500×300 mm


Print on 0.8 mm board, with vertical fibre grain. We recommend Papyrus Excellent board or Excellent Top in the prescribed size. Lined material is not accepted. When delivering material, the total thickness, stiffness and exact format should correspond to the values specified above. If in any doubt, e.g. about introducing new boards, our Logistics Department must be consulted well in advance: operations@clearchannel.com

All originals should be marked with inwards/outwards if the sides differs. The marking should be centered, on the upper edge. Write the marking with uppercase letters and so that the text is around 10 mm high at full size.


The window panels are double-sided. The holder covers up to 2 cm of the print area along the top edge. The frame system varies in different types of carriage, so allow background colours and pictures to bleed off.

Material deadline

If you are printing through Clear Channel
Originals are to be sent to Clear Channel at least 10 days before the campaign commences.

If you are sourcing the printing yourself
At least 10 working days before the campaign commences, low-resolution PDFs and posting instructions are to be sent by e-mail to Clear Channel: campaignmanagement@clearchannel.se. Do not forget to state the Clear Channel order number for your booking.

The finished material must be delivered to the appropriate address at least 10 days before the campaign commences.


Delivery notes

If you are printing through Clear Channel
Originals must be delivered in full scale in line with
the format above. Documents must have a bleed of at least 3 mm. Images
should be at least 150 dpi. Use the colour profile Coated Fogra39 (default
in Adobe CS). Format is always printed in CMYK, 4 colours.

Upload print-ready PDFs at www.clearchannel.se/skicka-filer/
1. For: select “Printing – tryck” from the dropdown list.
2. From: Enter your e-mail address.
3. Subject: Enter advertiser, campaign name, week and order number.
4. Message: Enter any other relevant information about the original/campaign (e.g. the distribution of the motifs)

If you are sourcing the printing yourself
Contact your printing firm for specifications and see the information in this specification.

Delivery note
Each delivery of printed material must be accompanied by a delivery note containing the following information:
– Date
– Name of printing firm
– Advertiser/campaign name
– Clear Channel’s order number
– No. of posters, packages, designs
– Format/product
– Signature

Delivery address
Unless otherwise agreed, the following delivery address applies:
Clear Channel, Betongvägen 4 A, 142 50 Skogås, Sweden.


Other notes


Reserve supply
In order to enable maintenance during the campaign period, the poster delivery should, in addition to the net number, include a reserve supply of 20%. Variations may occur in particular cases. The order confirmation states the total number including the reserve supply.

Interior delivery and stacking
When delivering poster campaigns with more than one design, the material must be stacked by design, e.g. 1, 2, 1, 2 without inserts. A few copies of each panel are to be supplied separately, for testing purposes.

Important terms of delivery
Deliveries after the stated date, incorrectly delivered material, incorrect marking or lack of campaign information may incur an extra cost for the Client and could delay posting. For deviations from the terms, written agreement must be reached between the Client placing the order and Clear Channel Sverige AB.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.se/skicka-filer/

Call us

On 08 522 400 00. Or send an email to info@clearchannel.se