The following specifications are for digital campaigns to be delivered in HTML.

Ad length

5 seconds.


Maximum of 25 frames/second.

Material deadline

Minimum 10 working days before campaign starts.

Delivery notes

The solution should be as light as possible in regards to KB. URL per motive must be delivered to Clear Channel. If more than one motive, a description about how the solution is supposed to look, must be delivered with the URLs.

The HTML document is pre-loaded into the memory of the player a few seconds before the solution is shown on a monitor. Any animations will start when pre-load starts.

To pause animations until it’s played, use instructions on this page: https://broadsign.com/docs/broadsign-control/13-1/broadsignplay.html

This functionality is not mandatory to use.

Using the functionality described in the link above, will make the page look faulty in any browser, but will play correct in our playback system.

Get in touch with campaignmanagment@clearchannel.se if you have questions regarding html-solutions.

Other notes


If you wish to deliver HTML/HTML5 material, please take this into consideration:

  • Browser: Chromium version 74. The campaign should be produced within the limits of functionality of Chromium version 74.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee functionality if other Chromium versions are used.
  • The connection is via 4G. In order to make sure that the connection is enough (e.g for streaming) we always need to try the material on selected places where the campaign will run.
  • Resolution: 1920×1080, 1260×720, 1024×576, 640×352, 568×320, 568x320px and 1440×810. Please check the bought areas.
  • Delivery format: URL.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.se/skicka-filer/

Call us

On 08 522 400 00. Or send an email to info@clearchannel.se