Eurosize: 1185×1750 mm

Visible area

Eurosize: 1160×1720 mm


Posters must be printed on 135–150 gram coated, woodfree paper with support printing on the back (or white backing). Note that the
paper must be suitable for backlighting. All posters intended for non-pasted posting must be delivered unfolded.

All originals must be marked with the advertiser, week and design designation (ADVERTISER, w48, A). If there is only one design designation, mark with only advertiser and week (ADVERTISER, W48). Place the marking in the space between the print area and the visible area in two positions: horizontally in the top right and vertical in the bottom right (see picture). Write the marking in uppercase and so that the text is around 1 cm high at full size.

Material deadline

  • At least 10 working days before the campaign commences, low-resolution PDFs and posting instructions are to be sent by e-mail to Clear Channel: campaignmanagement@clearchannel.se


If you are printing through Clear Channel
Originals are to be sent to Clear Channel at least 10 working days before the campaign commences.

If you are sourcing the printing yourself
The finished material must be delivered to the appropriate address at least 6 working days before the campaign commences.

Delivery notes

If you are printing through Clear Channel
Originals must be delivered in full scale in line with the format above. Documents must have a bleed of at least 3 mm. Images should be at least 150 dpi. Use the colour profile Coated Fogra39 (default in Adobe CS). Format is always printed in CMYK, 4 colours. You can print through Clear Channel even if your campaign also goes in other media companies or in other countries.


Upload print-ready PDFs at: www.clearchannel.se/skicka-filer

1. For: select “Printing – tryck” from the dropdown list.
2. From: Enter your e-mail address.
3. Subject: Enter advertiser, campaign name and week.
4. Message: Enter any other relevant information about the original/campaign (e.g. the distribution of the motifs)

Contact your printing firm for specifications and see the information on the next
page under the heading “Technical print information and delivery of printed


If you are sourcing the printing yourself
Contact your printing firm for specifications and see the information in this specification.

Delivery note
Each delivery of printed material must be accompanied by a delivery note containing the following information:
– Date
– Name of printing firm
– Advertiser/campaign name
– Clear Channel’s order number
– No. of posters, packages, designs
– Format/product
– Signature

Delivery address
Unless otherwise agreed, the following delivery address applies:
Clear Channel, Betongvägen 4 A, 142 50 Skogås.

Other notes

Full sheet

Reserve supply
In order to enable maintenance during the campaign period, the poster delivery should, in addition to the net number, include a reserve
supply of 20%. Variations may occur in particular cases. The order confirmation states the total number including the reserve supply.

Important information about advertising in public transport
Due to safety regulations, it is forbidden to use the orange colour as a comprehensive background in ads that are
visible in the metro or commuter train environment. Check purchased media space.

Important terms of delivery
Deliveries after the stated date, incorrectly delivered material, incorrect marking or lack of campaign information
may incur an extra cost for the Client and could delay posting. For deviations from the terms, written agreement
must be reached between the Client placing the order and Clear Channel Sverige AB.



Fig 1

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