Our Way leads the way

Clear Channel is a value-governed organization and we have worked hard to create a sustainable culture where people thrive, feel great, have fun, and have ideal conditions for performing at their very best. As part of this work, we have developed “Our Way,” a set of values that guides our daily work.

Our Way is based on the following behaviors that we believe are important for all colleagues in Clear Channel Scandinavia to share:

  • We are committed
  • We are one
  • We get things done
  • We mean business


  • Prepares and participates actively and on his/her own initiative in projects, processes and meetings.
  • Contributes to job satisfaction and camaraderie through his/her participation and presence in the activities of the group and the company.
  • Puts in extra hours/effort when it is needed to solve a problem or achieve a goal.
  • Continually deepens his/her knowledge of the company, his/her area of expertise and our industry.

Takes responsibility.

  • Takes responsibility for independently taking decisions that are within the mandate of his/her own role.
  • Works proactively, comes up with solutions rather than finding problems and acts well in advance.
  • Takes responsibility for solving a task from start to finish. Delivers as promised/agreed.
  • Takes responsibility and stands up for his/her decisions and actions rather than passing them on to others.


  • Puts the team before himself/herself and sees the big picture as more important than the success of the individual.
  • Values the development of others and helps them to achieve success. Gives feedback to colleagues and contributes to an open, inclusive and positive working climate.
  • Understands and takes active notice of the working methods and priorities of other departments, respects these and acts accordingly.
  • Uses his/her expertise together with colleagues from his/her own and other departments to jointly seek solutions to challenges. Creates conditions for cooperation and shares his/her knowledge.

Improvement oriented.

  • Is constantly looking for new, simpler, more efficient and better ways to perform his/her daily work. Challenges “givens” and comes up with concrete and innovative solutions to problems.
  • Deals with challenges by being forward-looking and solution oriented.
  • See changes as opportunities and not as threats.
  • Is aware of his/her strengths and areas of improvement, is active in his/her own development, including continually ensuring that he/she has the appropriate expertise for their position.


  • Is good at planning and prioritizing his/her time and work.
  • Combines speed and quality through skillful balancing and doing the right thing in the right way.
  • Follows rules and guidelines and use the tools, systems and routines that the work requires.
  • Involves the right colleagues/resources at the right time to solve challenges and problems

Business Oriented. 

  • Understands how the company makes money and considers the company’s profitability, the long-term bigger picture, and the best interests of the customer in every decision.
  • Has the courage to do what is required despite being faced with difficult decisions.
  • Uses facts, analyses and key figures to substantiate his/her decisions and analyse their consequences.
  • Adapts to new business conditions in a fast and correct way.

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